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VIP Business Immigration is the only specialized investor immigration visa office  offering exclusive services to Immigrant Investors Worldwide under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Your Canada investor visa application will be prepared, transferred to MIDI (Quebec Immigration) , and fully processed and you will receive your  Permanent Residency Visa

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How can I immigrate to Canada and Quebec as a business person when I have accumulated the required investment by doing business or managing a company? Also for Brexit victims …

Well , the answer is easy, by taking advantage of the immigrant investor program of Quebec, which allows an immigrant investor to immigrate with is direct family to Canada and Quebec in less than 36 months. You must be qualified to participate in this exclusive program. For clients that will be impacted by the Brexit and are looking on how to Immigrate to Canada by investing as an investors  , this is the only available solution were the result can be predicted and an answer can be received within 12 months

Will my family be included in the business Immigration file and immigrate with me under my immigrant investor visa ( business Immigration law )?

You direct family will be part of the same business immigration file under theses conditions: your spouse or common law partner is included and you children will be included if they are under the age of 19 years old and if not married.

What is the definition of the required Net Worth?

A Net Worth means all the assets that you have accumulated through your life minus all the debt . As an example, you own a property (your residency) which is worth 400,000 euros on the market, but you have a bank loan of 100,000 euros left to pay on this property. As a result, the net worth of this property is 300,000 euros.

As a second example, you own a rental property that is worth 200,000 euros on the market and is 100% paid, you will add the 300,000 euros of Net Worth from your residency + the 200,000 euros from the rental property. In total you now have a Net Worth of 500,000$ euros. You might have also money in the bank, stock and a value for you company. In total you need about 1,200,000 euros or 1,600,000$ Canadian to be admissible.

Do I need to sell everything I own to bring 1,600,000$ to Canada?

The answer is no, you only need to prove that you own the 1,600,000$ Canadian of assets. You can continue running your business for a period of time and do what you want with your assets. The only amount of money you need to provide to the bank are the financing fees of 240,000$ Canadian and around 15,000$ Canadian payable directly to the government for the business immigration application.

My net Worth is only 500,000$ Canadian, can i borrow money from someone?

The answer is no, or else it cannot be considered a net Worth, as you would increase your debt, remember that the calculation for a net worth is Asset value minus all debt = Net Worth. The Quebec Immigrant investor program ( Exclusively) allows the investor or the spouse (common law partner) to receive a donation officially with documents from anyone. The donation can be money, stocks, a property and other assets but it must say clearly that it is a donation, not a loan. Ask us to help you with this.

Do i need to start a business to be accepted as an immigrant investor?

You do not need to do anything other than pay the 240,000$ Canadian of financing fees. You are not obligated to work or do any business at all. This will be your privilege.

With the immigrant investor program of Quebec (the fastest and easier), do i need to live in Quebec?

No, you can live anywhere in Canada (protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights), but we encourage you to obtain information on the Quebec very good quality of live. We will provide you with all the information required once you are accepted prior to moving to Canada and you need to sign an intention of living in Quebec but not an in forced one.

Does VIP Business Immigration offer other services to Immigrant investors?

Yes, VIP is part of an accounting firm working with investors to create companies, managing their accounting and taxes. VIP will also provide you with a free Real Estate Agent for you investments and to find your home or lease a furnished appartment prior to your arrival. All relocation services are also available. You are not alone when you work with VIP Business Immigration. As a bonus, VIP Business Immigration will send a Limo at the airport to bring you downtown Montreal if you land in Montreal.

Why is  VIP Business Immigration an exclusive service with higher fees than other immigration firms ?

Well it is a business decision which works very well with VIP Business Immigration as we are 100% specialized in the Quebec investor program . As we do not select a large number of clients in order to obtain a perfect score , we only accept potential immigrant investors with a verified Net Worth and business experience and that are willing to pay what is required to achieve success : Where other firms will accept all immigrants that are willing to pay, but very few are accepted. Our success rate is very high, therefore we are also well paid the banks and brokerage firms only when you receive you Permanent Residency visa. With VIP business Immigration business model, everyone is a winner at the end.

When do i have to pay the 240,000$ Canadian of financing fees?

Once we deposit your business immigration file, about 10 months later, you will receive you acceptation letter from the Quebec Authorities (means you are approved by Quebec which almost guarantees your Federal Approval). From that moment, you have 110 days to pay your financing fees of 240,000$ Canadian. You will be able to open a canadian bank account once we have deposited your business immigration file. We will assist in doing this for you.

What is the entire business immigration process timeline, the waiting time and the government fees to be paid for the application process?

In general, if you provide the required documents in 1 months period, we need 1 month to process your file. So it would take 5 months to deposit your file + a 3 to 5 months waiting period to receive your approval. Once you are approved, if you process your payment of 240,000$ Canadian immediately, there is an average 18 months waiting for the Permanent Residency Visa from the Canadian Government. In total as a result you can expect a 24-36 months required to receive your Permanent Residency Visa ( depends on country of residency )which is the official document that allows you and your family to immigrate to Canada with a Permanent status (Ask the brochure to receive the complete information).

How can increase my Net Worth in order to be admissible?

In most cases, the immigrant investors have properties and land as part of their Net Worth. The best way to increase your Net Worth is you ask for a local written evaluation of your properties from a certified evaluator. This value will not be challenged by the Canadian and Quebec immigration officers unless it seems not logical or the documents are not official documents.



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