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Contact our Canadian Investor Immigration Consultant Office in South Africa

Canadian Immigration office number in South Africa for Citizens and Residents of South Africa , Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe only if you are looking to Move to Canada from South Africa as an Investor and apply under the Canada Investors Visa with our South African Immigration  Consultant

Your Quebec investor application will be prepared and submitted at the Quebec Immigration Office  , and fully processed and you will receive your Canadian Permanent Residency in your Local Visa Office . The Canada Investor Visa application can only be prepared at the Montreal Office as per Government regulations and no one outside Quebec can sign an agreement with a client , receive any payment or funds outside of work on an application outside of the Province of Quebec in order to protect the clients from international fraud. Contact our Canadian Immigration Office or Montreal Investor Immigration Office 

Move to Canada from South Africa as an Investor for South African Citizens and Residents

You are South African and wish to move to canada as an Investor you want to plan for a better life for your family in Canada : we can assist you in getting the Canadian Permanent residency as an Immigrant Investor in Canada as South Africa already represents an important Immigration Market for us and we helped many families Move to Canada from South Africa by investing in the Quebec Investor Program Requirements . Since 2006 , we have obtained a Canadian Investor Residency Visa for all our South African clients ; yes 100% of them …

Max Donzella , The Director of VIP Business Immigration has made many friends in South Africa and Botswana, including Business Owners and many Ceo’s and VP’s of the biggest companies in all trades. Many of our South Africans clients are from Johannesburg , Sandton, Cape Town , Durban and Port Elizabeth and other cities.

We represent about 80% of all South Africans that apply to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program in order to receive the Canada Investors Visa which is a Permanent residency Visa that is passive in nature and that provides residency anywhere in Canada without limitations including Montreal, Quebec City , Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver ..etc.

Contact our Canadian Investor Immigration Consultant Office in South Africa if you are ready to Move to Canada by Investing 1,200,000 $ Canadian or paying 350,000$ Canadian

Should you be serious about a move to Canada from South Africa as an Investor with the family by applying in the short term, please contact our South African dedicated Canadian Immigration Consultant at the Johannesburg Office Number

  • South Africa Office Johannesburg phone number +27-10-500-6175

What if I am not a South African Citizen , but only a South Africa resident , I have more than 2,000,000 $ Canadian, approx 20,000,000 ZAR in net worth and looking to Immigrate to Canada by Investing

Non South African citizens such as South African Permanent Residents , non documented residents , on work visa temporary residents can contact me also and indicate South Africa as their residency country and we will discuss your options. We have many South African residents from Bangladesh Iran and India that can still apply with our services for Canadian Investment Immigration.

Canada Investors Visa Office in South Africa

VIP Business Immigration contact office : Private office
Arnold Rd, Rosebank, Johanessburg, 2196 , South Africa
Phone : +27 010 500 6175