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Canada Investors Visa & New Quebec Investor program Visa requirements for 2018
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Do you qualify as an immigrant investor?

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Canadian Immigration office number in South Africa for Citizens and Residents of South Africa , Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe only if you are looking to Move to Canada from South Africa as an Investor and apply under the Canada Investors Visa with our South African Immigration  Consultant

Your Quebec investor application will be prepared and submitted at the Quebec Immigration Office  , and fully processed and you will receive your Canadian Permanent Residency in your Local Visa Office . The Canada Investor Visa application can only be prepared at the Montreal Office as per Government regulations and no one outside Quebec can sign an agreement with a client , receive any payment or funds outside of work on an application outside of the Province of Quebec in order to protect the clients from international fraud. Contact our Canadian Immigration Office or Montreal Investor Immigration Office 

What is the Canada Investors Visa and what are the advantages of applying to the New Quebec Investor Program in 2020

The Quebec Investor program is the only Canada Investors Visa Program that provides unconditional and guaranteed permanent residency in Canada, leading to the Canadian citizenship by Investment and passport after 3 years of physical presence and legal residency. This Canada Investor Visa is available to High Net Worth Business Owners and Employed Managers from South Africa and other countries under certain restrictions. There are no age limit and no language or education requirements for 2020 – 2021 applications. These advantages are critical in the understanding that its always better to apply as soon as possible as conditions get more costly in time as Canada Investors Immigration changes according to Government changes and demand.

Quebec Investor program requirements for 2020 applications under QIIP limited 660 quotas

Conditions to be met for 2020 and 2021 applications for Business Immigration to Canada as an Investor : To qualify as an immigrant investor , you must meet all the following requirements:

  • The Investor (and spouse) must have accumulated a minimum of 2,000 000$ Canadian of worldwide Net Assets mostly by doing business or managing a company as an employee . This amount equals to 20,000,000 ZAR or 1,4 M Euros
  • The Investor must be a Business owner and since at least 2 years or have owned one for at least 2 years out of the last 5 years which period is considered only backwards from the date of the Official Quebec Selection Certificate application. If the Immigrant Investor did or does not own a company , he/she must have at least 2 years of management experience as a paid employee in an approved company,  Government branch or international organization. We will approve the position.
  • The Investor must make a passive investment in Government bonds of 1,200 000$ Canadian (not the choice of the investor) with the Canadian and Quebec governments for a period of 5 years or make the financial contribution indicated below called the financing option which is Quebec Government regulated.

How does the required Quebec Investor Program Financing option work apply in the process

The Quebec investor Financing option of 350,000$CAD for 2018- 2019 replaces the 1,200,000$ required investment in 95% of all cases due to several factors. The all Inclusive payment of Only 350,000$Canadian (standard rate for 2018) is not in relation with Lawyers and Canadian Immigration Consultant in South Africa professional fees required to prepare , represent , follow , negotiate and apply under all required processes to obtain the Canada Investor Visa . It also does not cover Government application fees.

With the financing Option  you pay a 1 time Global financing fee that included the Quebec Government Financial Intermediary Fees and do what you want with the rest of your money, the financing interest rate is less than 5%, you can have a better return by keeping the difference, therefore the financing option is the best. The required 1,200 000$ investment does not apply anymore with this solution.

What will the Government do with your Passive investment / Cash influx deposit

The required passive investment of 1,200,000$Canadian is invested in a term note guaranteed by the Government of Quebec. A small portion of the interest generated by the investment , or the 350,000$ financing option paid , is used to pay the financial intermediaries such as the brokerage firms, banks, Quebec Investor Immigration lawyers and consultants involved in the Business immigration process. The large part of the interest generated by the investment is given to local small entrepreneurs  in the form of 0 interest loans and another portion will sponsor Refugee programs in Canada.  By doing this, the Immigrant Investor contributes to the economic development of Canada and helps create jobs in Quebec and Canada and improve the life of Refugees.

Moving to Canada by investing is an option under only one Scheme in Canada and its called the Quebec investor Program. Its requires an Immigrant Investor to take the financing option of 325,000$CAD for 2018- 2019 applications that replaces the 1,200,000$ required investment in 95% of cases due to several factors. The financing cost in 2018 is only 325,000$Canadian (standard rate for 2018) and is not in relation with Lawyers and Canadian Immigration Consultant in South Africa professional fees which are separate. It is expected the in 2019 or 2020 the Minimal required Net Worth would increase and the related financing option also . It is expected that a 2,000,000$ Canadian in Net Worth would be required