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VIP Business Immigration is the only specialized investor immigration visa office  offering exclusive services to Immigrant Investors Worldwide under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Your Canada investor visa application will be prepared, transferred to MIDI (Quebec Immigration) , and fully processed and you will receive your  Permanent Residency Visa

Immigration Consultant and Lawyers For Investors – ICCRC – Member is Massimiliano Donzella

Immigrant Investor Program requirements

Quebec Immigrant Investor program

Canadian Permanent Residency , Citizenship & Passport

Canada Investors Visa for South Africans

 Business emigration Canada Program

Quebec Investor program 2017 – 2018

The Quebec Investor program is the only Investor Program that provides the permanent residency visa, leading to the Canadian citizenship and passport after 3 years of residency
This program is available to High Net Worth Business Owners and Employed Managers holding any citizenship from any country . There are no age limitations and no language or education requirements.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor program requirements for 2017 applications under limited quotas

To qualify as an immigrant investor , you must meet all the following requirements:

  • The Immigrant Investor  (and spouse) must have accumulated a minimum of 1,600 000$ Canadian of worldwide Net Worth mostly by doing business or managing a company as an employee (see Questions/answers to understand what Net Worth means)
  • The Immigrant Investor  must own a company since at least 2 years or have owned one for at least 2 years out of the last 5 years. IF the investor immigrant  did or does not own a company , he/she must have at least 2 years of management experience as an employee
  • The Immigrant Investor must make a passive investment of 800 000$ canadian (not the choice of the investor) with the Canadian and Quebec governments for a period of 5 years.

How does the required investment work

Financing solution to replace the 800 000$ required investment (95% of Immigrant investors do this)  All Inclusive ONE time  payment of Only 240 000 $ Canadian ( standard rate)

If the Immigrant Investor does not wish to liquidate its assets to come up with the $800 000 CAD mandatory deposit, we can provide financing through different Canadian banks – the cost of the financing is 240 000 $ Canadian.

With the financing you pay a 1 time financing fee and do what you want with the rest of our money, the financing interest rate is less than 5%, you can have a better return by keeping the difference, therefore the financing option is the best. The required 800 000$ investment does not apply anymore with this solution.

What will the Government do with your investment

The required investment of 800,000 $ Canadian is invested in a term note guaranteed by the Government of Quebec. A small portion of the interest generated by the investment is used to pay the financial intermediaries such as the brokerage firms, banks, lawyers and immigration consultants involved in the business immigration process. The large part of the interest generated by the investment is given to local corporations in the form of grants. By doing this, the Immigrant Investor contributes to the economic development of Canada and helps create jobs in Quebec and Canada.

Business Emigration Canada & Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa requirements for 2017 - 2018. Immigrant Investor Visa Scheme provides the Canadian Permanent Residency visa under a required investment managed by the authorized brokerage firm under maximum quota of 550 for 2017 - 2018 applications . Required net worth of 1,600,000 Dollars Canadian , High net worth Immigration