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Canada Investors Immigration Visa Quebec Business Immigration to Canada
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Do you qualify as an immigrant investor?

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Contact our Canadian Investor Immigration Consultant Office in South Africa

Canadian Immigration office number in South Africa for Citizens and Residents of South Africa , Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe only if you are looking to Move to Canada from South Africa as an Investor and apply under the Canada Investors Visa with our South African Immigration  Consultant

Your Quebec investor application will be prepared and submitted at the Quebec Immigration Office  , and fully processed and you will receive your Canadian Permanent Residency in your Local Visa Office . The Canada Investor Visa application can only be prepared at the Montreal Office as per Government regulations and no one outside Quebec can sign an agreement with a client , receive any payment or funds outside of work on an application outside of the Province of Quebec in order to protect the clients from international fraud. Contact our Canadian Immigration Office or Montreal Investor Immigration Office 

Welcome to VIP Business Immigration

Canada Investors Immigration under 2020  Quebec Investor Program for High Net Worth Business Immigration to Canada

Business Immigration to Canada is the best option for moving to Canada :  world’s first destination for business owners , High Net Worth Managers and family immigration due to its very advantageous and fast Canada Investors Immigration program, its desirable Canadian Investment Permanent Residency and citizenship , low corporate business taxes ,  NO AGE LIMIT and Canada no form of estate or inheritance tax compared to all other Investment immigration countries 

The Quebec Investor Program is the Best and Often only option for High Net Worth  Managers and Business Owners searching on How to Immigrate to Canada by investing in the future and how to plan a well-organized Exit from your current Country of residency . Canadian Investor Visa applicants Must have a  Minimal net Worth of 2,000,000 $ Canadian

The Quebec Investor program is the Only passive investment Visa available for 2020 to 2021 application for Canadian Permanent residency

VIP Business Immigration is the Canada Investor Immigration Partnership Highly Specialized in Immigrant Investor Programs for Cananda with applicants from over 40 countries.  All our clients have been approved by the Minister of Immigration and obtained the Canadian permanent residency Visa as passive investors since 2006 , Best expert results on the market

Canada Investors Immigration Visa and how does it become immediate residency by investment in Canada   

After Receiving the Canadian residency for Investors , he/she is eligible to live, invest, work, prosper and study anywhere in Canada with no limitations at all. The new Canadian Permanent resident will enjoy right away all the rights given to Canadian citizens such as free universal Health Care, free education for the children and almost free university (Canadian universities have a very good reputation), with the exception of holding a Canadian passport and the right to vote

Business Immigration to Canada and Obtaining the Canadian Passport 

Once you have the Canadian Residency , after only 3 years of having a physical presence in Canada under the Canada Residency by Investment Program  (non consecutive , if you travel a lot), the Canadian Permanent Resident and his/her family, will enjoy one of the most important events in an immigrant’s life: the right to ask and receive the Canadian Citizenship and passport as an Investor. This step will allow the family members over 18 years of age, to travel in any country (most without even a Visa) and to vote in any election held in Canada and in his/her province of living and like many others immigrants even become a Minister in the Government …yes it is possible only in Canada!

2019-12-20- CANADA INVESTOR IMMIGRATION NEWS  – Read this important update on the reopening of the Quebec Investor program requirements in under 2020 under a strict maximum limit of intake of Immigrant investor applications for only 660 investor files  – Should you want to apply for Canadian Business Immigration as an Immigrant Investor in 2020 , please contact our Canada Investor Immigration Office  located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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What is a Quebec Investor Application and what are the requirements for Canadian Citizenship by investment under a passive investment scheme

How do we prepare a Quebec Investor application according to the QIIP – Canada Business visa . First we need to learn about everything you have done in terms of studies , work , personnel investment such as buying and selling a house or investing in a portfolio of shares including your Commercial Business investments such as starting , managing and selling a company ; your major financial activities since you were 18 of age . After completing this Narrative Document , we will start asking for supporting documents as we need to show how you accumulated your net worth legally by respecting local laws in your country such as paying taxes and declaring all transactions . We need to focus on the most important transactions and provide tax returns, bank statements, Financial statements , contracts for properties ,diplomas, etc … This process requires financial and legal expertise , which we have … do not worry , we always succeed in having our clients Recognized as Immigrant Investor and receive the Quebec Selection Certificate. This process is not standard unlike other simpler program and it requires alot of efforts and imagination in achieving a convincing application that will not be challenged by the MIDI Section Sélecton des  Gens d’Affaires that reviews the QCS files.

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About us

Our Director and First Business Immigration Consultant is recognized as the Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa Leading Expert with a 100% successful application score since 2006 . We have obtained the Canadian Residency and Citizenship for all our clients from South Africa, The UK, France , Botswana, Germany, Australia, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil , Singapore, Taiwan, Nigeria and many other countries . Our Canada Investors Immigration Office is located in Montreal , Quebec ,Canada close to the Government of Quebec Immigration Office , were QIIP Applications are submitted and processed.

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Advantages of VIP Immigration

  • The Canadian Immigrant Investor will pay fixed professional fees to VIP Business Immigration under 1 single Quebec Selection Certificate Application and Immigration Contract
  • Our Quebec Business Immigration Services are Personal and highly Confidential and 7days/week worldwide and Exclusive to Quebec Immigrant Investors applicants
How to Immigrate to Canada as an Investor or Vancouver in 2018 as a Quebec Immigrant Investor from South Africa , England, Scotland the USA , Brazil an many other countries - VIP Business Immigration offers Canada Investment Visa lawyers and Immigration consultants services in Quebec . Vancouver Investment immigration Visa is available in 2018 - 2019